Victoria Cross awards

During the First World War, four former postal workers were awarded the Victoria Cross.

They were Sgt Albert Gill from Birmingham, who was killed in action in 1916 when he directed the fire of his troops while defending the position against an attack. Sgt Alfred Knight of the Post Office Rifles battalion from Nottingham single handedly captured an enemy position during the Battle for Wurst Farm Ridge in 1917. Knight survived the war. Major Henry Kelly from Manchester, under heavy fire in Le Sars, France, led three men into an enemy trench, and then, when forced to retreat carried his wounded Company Sergeant Major to safety. Major Kelly continued to work for the GPO after the war. Sgt John Hogan, a postman from Oldham, was awarded the Victoria Cross for great courage under fire on 29 October 1914 near Festubert, France. Sgt John Hogan died in 1943.

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