RMS Olympic Photographic postcard

This photographic picture postcard, produced after the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage in 1912, purports to show the Royal Mail Ship. It is in fact an image of her sister ship RMS Olympic at sea. The sinking of the RMS Titanic, and the bravery of those on board, captured the hearts of a generation, resulting in images of the ship being used on a great number of items in the following years.

Below the image are the music and lyrics to 'Nearer my God, to Thee' with 'The Hymn to the strains of which the Titanic sunk'. It was reported that the hymn was the last piece of music played by the ship’s band before the vessel sank. The Titanic had a post office and mail room on board as well as five British and American postmen, none of whom survived its sinking.