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Lucy Worsley supports Letters of our lives campaign

the Royal Mail Letters of our lives team / 11 April 2016

Royal Mail is launching a new campaign to root out long-forgotten letters that unveil the hidden social and political history of the UK, through the people who lived it.

TV historian, and Chief Curator Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley will be reading the letters. She said: “One of the best bits of my work as a historian is unfolding a manuscript that no one has read in decades, if not centuries. Every aspect of doing it is a thrill, from deciphering the handwriting, right down to the fact that old documents have their own special unique smell."

“Of course, lots of the nationally important documents in our archives up and down Britain relate to nationally important events, like the Industrial Revolution or the abolition of slavery. But often legal or official documents miss out the human stories, how people were feeling about the great issues of the day. That’s something you get best from personal letters."

“I can’t wait to read all the letters and postcards, and to share in the pride of the families who’ve found a story to tell us. I’m champing at the bit to start piecing together a hidden social history of our country.”

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Letters of our lives

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