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500 Years of Horse Power

Royal Mail / 02 June 2016

Royal Mail is recreating the routes used by its horse-drawn mail coaches in a series of celebratory events across the UK to mark 500 years of postal services.

The impressive Royal Mail coach and horses will pass along modern-day roads that are based on the original postal routes, accompanied by the men and women who deliver today’s mail.

The first event takes place on Saturday, 4 June, in Cardiff. The mail coach will trace a short route through the city centre, starting at Cardiff mail centre at 9.30am and finishing in Cardiff Bay.

Similar events will take place in Edinburgh at 1.30pm on Tuesday 7 June and Belfast on Saturday 11 June. This will culminate in a special event at The Guildhall in London from 11.00am on Saturday 18 June, where postman Mark Penfold will finish his epic 500-mile walk for charity.

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