Moya Greene

Moya Greene is the current chief executive of Royal Mail.

Moya led Royal Mail’s privatisation in October 2013 – the biggest company to privatise in 30 years – and oversaw its entry into the FTSE 100. As part of the privatisation, eligible full-time employees have become shareholders in Royal Mail, each receiving for free up to 832 shares.

When Moya joined Royal Mail, the company was balance sheet insolvent. She has returned the company to financial stability, providing a platform for Royal Mail to raise money on the capital markets through its first ever bond issue in July 2014.

Today, she is at the helm of one of the largest industrial transformation programmes undertaken in the UK in the recent years, ensuring that Royal Mail provides a competitive and efficient service that responds to consumers changing needs.

Moya previously spent five years at the helm of the Canada Post and has held senior roles at Bombardier Inc and TD Securities, two of Canada’s largest multinationals.