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Royal Mail / 17 November 2016

Royal Mail has launched a very special online gallery that showcases the amazing letters and images it received as part of its Letters of Our Lives campaign.

It has been six months since the nationwide search began and during that time more than 1,600 fantastic letters and postcards have been received by the team detailing key moments in the country’s social history from heroics on the battlefield to the worry of waiting for news from the front and the challenges of settling down in faraway lands such as Australia in the early 1800s. The submissions cover more than 315 years in the UK’s history.

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TV historian, and Chief Curator Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley, launched the campaign and helped curate the letters for this gallery.

She said: “It has been a real privilege to be able to read these little paper windows on the past and catch a glimpse of another side to great events of history, including battlefield heroics and exploring the Amazonian jungle. I’m proud to share in the pride of the families who shared their stories with us.

“I would urge everyone to visit the gallery and marvel at the power of the human spirit as told by our ancestors. But be warned the site contains over three centuries of ups, downs, pains and joy so brace yourself!”

David Gold, Head of Public Affairs at Royal Mail, said: “The response from the public has been fantastic. We have been overwhelmed by the number of letters and postcards we’ve received. While reading the letters, our team has experienced every emotion, from tears and sadness to joy and laughter.

“Our original hope was that the letters would enable us to build a picture of how life really was for communities throughout the ages but they’ve revealed much more than we could have ever imagined. They’ve presented a new side to key moments in history and given us a unique insight to the thoughts and feelings of communities over the last three hundred years.”

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